The reader has noticed that the local newspapers, Hebrew and English, have allotted space to writers who attempted in so far as they were acquainted with subject to publish information regarding the essence of the Baha’i Movement. Te reader has also noticed that this press campaign, if so it might be called, began alter the publication of my first circular; in it I had explained the causes which brought about the dispute in the Baha’i family, namely the split which arose after Shoghi Rabbani had imposed himself as a Spiritual Leader of the Movement on the strength of the counterfeit will which he originated.

Now by virtue of my personal status as Grand Daughter of Baha’u’llah the founder of the Movement and in response to many wishes expressed and questions set down in numerous letters I have received from Israel and Abroad following the publication of my circular No.2, I feel bound to put before the reader a concise and clear exposition of the essence and teachings of the said Movement.

First, let me begin by extending my whole-hearted thanks to Mirza Ahmad Sohrab the founder and editor of “Carvan” for his staunch loyalty to the Baha’i family and Movement for the vehemence with which he has raised his voice in America, for his letters of encouragement devotion to the spreading and advancement of the cause.

That he is now extending his full support to the right of our cause is a further instance of his unflinching constancy and I take this opportunity to say to him that as from time he was secretary to my late uncle Abbas Effendi, I have never entertained the least doubt concerning his loyalty to the family and the Movement and I know that the motive of his revolt was occasioned by the counterfeit will which was claimed to have been written by the one for whom he was the most trusted confident.

He then carried the flag of justice to America where he circulated pamphlets, wrote books, founded branches and disseminated the movement through his “Caravan”. I will accept to his advise and convene a general congress to be attended by the Baha’i Leaders here and in America.

Let me now take the reader back to Persia, the birthplace of the Movement, the Persia the all powerful who bestowed an unrivaled civilization to the world, who produced great kings, statesmen, poets and philosophers and let us together turn over the pages of history until we reach the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th Century. Now we find that the kings are either too weak or too cruel, the religious heads fanatical to the extreme and the people sunk into ignorance, for how could education be encouraged when science and knowledge were looked upon as hostile forces working against religion? Therefore with corruption prevailing in the Government, with fanaticism replacing religion and with an economy in confusion the country was about to collapse.

In the circumstances it was inevitable that a social revolution should occur. A distinguished reformer rose to lead the revolution against the then existing evils. By virtue of his fiery spirit, his eloquence, convincing logic and peerless courage he was

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