Behai Quarterly


THE AIM OF THIS QUARTERLY is to give the people of the world the authentic teaching of the last Sun of reality which illumined the horizon of the East. “Beha ‘U’llah.”

The contributor in this issue of the article entitled ” A voice from the East” is no less personage then Ghusni Akbar, the Mightiest Branch, Mohammed Ali, My beloved father, The eldest living son of Beha ‘U’llah, who, as a chosen son  reared in His household, received daily instructions, and served Him for a period of years, as inscriber of His tablets and promulgator of His teachings throughout the world.

Doubtless there is not a person living today to equal him in the knowledge of the life and teachings of Beha U’llah, as he experienced years of personal contact with Him. He possesses numerous authentic unpublished volumes of the teachings of Beha U’llah which will gladly impart to the seekers after truth.

I take good pleasure in calling the attention of my good readers to the fact that, in the history of this religion, this is the first publication to be directly connected with its fountain head, and its pages are open for any discussion which is for the betterment of humanity and the elevation of the thoughts of mankind. Therefore I extend a cordial invitation to the seekers of truth to investigate while the opportunities are here.


Behai Quarterly Vol_1