Behai Quarterly Volume 3 No. 2

I extend my humble gratitude to the kind readers of this Periodical and the beloved Behai friends

In this volume we present to you

The Tablet of Tarazat Revealed by Beha ‘U’llah

The Bab and His Predecessors

What I Believe Today

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Behai Quarterly Volume 3 No. 2

Behai Quarterly Volume 3 No. 1

First and Second Quarter 1936

Advanced humanity is eagerly seeking Universal Peace and good will amongst mankind. The hearts are filled with the spirit of brotherly love, longing for lasting peace. longing for lasting peace. Every individual who lost a spouse, a father, a son, or a dear one during the last World War is a soldier of peace and bitterly opposed to future conflicts. The progressive young generation is awakening and unanimously revolting against future wars. The leaders of the world should realize the importance of this universal desire and use their efforts to bring lasting peace!

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Behai Quarterly Volume 3 No. 1