God’s revelation is like a crystal fountain that flows into the hearts of the prophets from time to time.

This fountain crossing the life of Zoroaster produced through his teachers, great kings, experienced politicians, wise philosophers, inspired poets and outstanding men of art.

That same fountain inspired the great Buddha who came as huge cloud and showered his principles/quenched the thirst of millions of peoples.

It overwhelmed the quiet life of Confucius and made the Chinese people a cultured and pious nation.

It found its way into Moses’ heart as a result of which the desert blossomed in fruit and flower.

It made a deep incision into Jesus Christ’s soul and then the scent of the flowers of love perfumed the lives of the believers.

It penetrated with violence and turmoil into the Arabian Desert where Mohammad, the irrigator watered the fields of knowledge, art and science.

And now this current of revelation struck the hearts of the Baha’i Leaders. Mirza Hussein Ali, later named Baha’u’llah was born in the city of Nur, Persia in the year 1817. He was the same reformer whose imminent appearance was prophesied by Mirza Ali Mohammad “Al Bab” when the latter made his movement in May 1844 in which he declared that the world with its methods and worn out traditions was about to collapse and a new free and strong world would replace it.

Baha’u’llah started his revolutionary mission in 1863 and waged a relentless war against the worn-out traditions and the forces of evil as a result of which he was stripped of his hereditary title as a noble in the Persian Court and suffered and loss of his vast estates through confiscation.

He proclaimed the end of the night of aggression and cruel fanaticism and prophesized the dawn of peace and brotherhood, preaching the oneness of Earth, race and religion.

And he is the one who said that all the human race springs from one source and the apparent differences result from differences of environment and degrees of culture and that humanity is nothing else but one Family. After all God created the Earth without boundaries or frontiers.

The founders of the great religions in the world are but inspired people carrying holy messages to different corners of the world at different intervals of time.

Baha’ism is not an organization but a system of though and a new way of living.

The effect of this was that the authorities of thee State together with the authorities of Religion combined, arrested and imprisoned him and later exiled him with his family and a group of his followers across the Persian border, Bagdad then became his residence.

During the first twelve years of his exile in Baghdad, the Baha’i Movement expanded and spread, for the suffering which he experienced and the hardships which beset him did not stop him from delivering his message. Men and women from various regions flocked to quench their thirst from this sweet and only fountain.

Later he was exiled anew to Constantinople and from there to Adana and at last to Acre fortress, from that impenetrable fortress; this great prisoner spread his teaching of love, brotherhood, peace and justice to the East and the West. From within the wall of this great fortress, Baha’u’llah sent his messages to thee kings, emperors and rulers of the world in which he showed them the way to salvation and urged them to put an end to thee rule of violence and to establish a reign of justice, brotherhood and to erect the foundations for a permanent international Parliament.

These principles mentioned above preached by Baha’u’llah with great power of Spirit were transmitted to the President of the United States of America, to the king of Prussia, to the Emperor of Austria, to the Tasr of Russia, to Napoleon the III, to Queen Victoria, to the Sultan of Turkey, to the Shah of Persia and the Holy Pope.

After 40 years of exile and continuous labor and after the martyrdom of 20,000 of his followers, Baha’u’llah died in 1892, leaving a will to his eldest son, Abbas Effendi, to be succeeded by his second son, Mohammad Ali Effendi, assigning to them the spiritual leadership of the Movement and the responsibility of carrying out his mission of brotherhood and peace.





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