Behai Quarterly Volume 2 No. 1

O, my servants!

Settle your differences peacefully, and hearken to what ye were admonished by the Supreme Pen, and follow not the extremely  wicked.

Let not the world beguile you as it beguiled the people of yore.

Obey the ordinances of God and His Laws, then tread This Path which was established by God of Truth.

Those who cast aside oppression and ruthlessness, and hold fast to Piety, are regarded of the highest on the part of God, and they would be extolled by the Supreme concourse and the dwellers of this Station, which by the Name of God was sublime.

Beha U’llah.

From the book of Ackdas

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Behai Quarterly Vol 2 No. 1

Behai Quarterly Volume 1 Number 2


Devoted to the teachings of the Great Sun of Truth which appeared on the Horizon of the East “Beha ‘U’llah”.

Editor and Publisher

Shua Ullah Behai

Eldest Son of Beha ‘U’llah

7543 Twenty – sixth Ave., Kenosha, Wis., USA

Volume 1                                                                                                                               Number 2

Summer 1934

 Behai Quarterly Vol 1 No.2