Abdul Baha’s Furious Temper

On one occasion the wife of the Manifestation, accompanied by her sister and daughters, honored Abbas Effendi by paying him a visit at his house in the city of Akka. Abbas Effendi treated her harshly. After a discussion concerning present conditions and differences of faith, Ab­bas Effendi, finding her to be steadfast and faithful to her Lord and His commandments, which refute his schemes and purposes, rose up and furiously attacked her with the intention of doing her bodily harm. See­ing the danger, she left his house and returned to the Palace of Bahja. This event was a source of great sorrow to his brothers and sisters. It is strange that Abbas Effendi dared to so treat the wife of his Father, the Manifestation, when he knew that Baha’u’llah commanded that she be treated with all proper respect. If the one who claims to be the head of this religion breaks the commandments himself, how can we expect the obedience of the followers?

At times Abbas Effendi used to meet his brothers and sisters at the Sacred Tomb of Baha’u’llah and speak to them in harsh language and treat them cruelly, in order to compel them to believe that which is against the laws of the Lord, Glory be to Him. On one occasion, by force, he seized the hand of the youngest sister [Foroughiyya Khanum] and repeatedly struck her with her own hand upon her head. This took place in the presence of many believers and relatives. Her two little ones [i.e. her children] and those who were present, men and women, wept for her and supplicated him for mercy. Abbas Effendi took no heed to them, but continued beating her, and with a loud voice uttering very harsh words. On account of these continued indignities, the abused sister being very sensitive, suffered from mental prostration, and since then has had a stroke of paralysis, and for five years has been confined to her bed. Can it be said that such actions were in accord with the commandments of the Lord, which He uttered on behalf of His wife and daughters? Can the faithful and righteous people consent to these doings?


Ref:- ‘A Lost History of the Baha’I Faith’ Ch.22 – Khadimu’llah’s Epistle by By Aqa Jan Kashani

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