Abdul Baha cursed Baha’u’llah’s wife and children

Then Abbas Effendi lived in a building situated half a mile west of Haifa, which belongs to the Mohammedan Church, erected close to the cave in which, it is claimed, Elijah the Prophet used to live in ancient times. This place, to which the Muslims pay religious visits, is called [Al-]Khader. There he stayed until the government forced him to return to Akka. While Abbas Effendi was at Tiberias and at Khader he plainly urged, on every occasion, his followers, who visited him in these places, to disregard the Branches, the family and the relatives [of Baha’- u’llah], and to despise, execrate, and curse them.

Abbas Effendi has intrigued so skillfully as to convince his followers that it is their duty to curse the [younger] Branches, the wife of the Manifestation [Baha’u’llah’s widow Mahd-i-‘Ulya] and the Holy Leaves [i.e. Baha’u’llah’s daughters, except Bahiyyih Khanum who supported ‘Abdu’l-Baha], openly in their meetings and writings. None of them can deny this statement, for their epistles, written in their own handwriting, bear witness that they have cursed the wife of the Manifestation, His daughters and the Branches. The Lord, Glory be to Him, strictly commanded us in many tablets to honor, respect, and follow them. He made the respect of the Branches a condition for strengthening His Cause and a means of elevating His Word. Therefore, whosoever breaks this commandment is not obeying the Supreme Word, but on the contrary, belittling the Cause of God.

Ref:- ‘A Lost History of Baha’I Faith’ Ch.22 – Khadimu’llah’s Epistle by By Aqa Jan Kashani

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