Shoghi Effendi Orders Mass Emigration or Excommunication

There are over seventy persons, Baha’i-born men, women and children, residing at Acre and Haifa who are excommunicated.

 Most of the excommunicated persons who live at Acre and Haifa are offspring of those faithful followers who migrated with Baha’u’llah from Baghdad to Adrianople and from there to the great prison of Acre, and the manner of their excommunication is thus:

 A few years ago while Shoghi Effendi was in Europe, through his brother Hussein Effendi, he ordered a few of his followers and their families who had no business connections in Acre and Haifa and were mostly a burden on him financially, to leave for Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or Egypt, with the promise that they should be taken care of by the Baha’i Assemblies at their destinations. Those who left for Iran were to be paid P.L.50, equivalent to $200 traveling expenses and those who left for Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt were to be paid P.L. 20, equivalent to $80.

 Some of the families obeyed and left Palestine. Those who mi­grated to Iran received no assistance as promised and were left des­titute. When they applied for help from the Assemblies, they were informed that they had been banished from Palestine and under the circumstances, what did they expect! Finally, after severe hardship, a few of them secured employment and are earning a simple living. Oth­ers pleaded by mail to Shoghi Effendi to be permitted to return to Pal­estine, but were refused.

 After a few months, another order came, for more families to leave Acre and Haifa. This time the order affected those who were in busi­ness, shopkeepers of old standing, some who had inherited their busi­nesses from their fathers. A few of the faithful followers obeyed the orders, disposed of their merchandise at a loss and left. But a few fam­ilies made excuses and pleaded for mercy, explaining that they were born and bred here, and could not go to a foreign land and make a liv­ing. But their pleadings were rejected and they were threatened with excommunication if they disobeyed; and so, they were all excommuni­cated.

 After a while came the turn of the rest of Shoghi Effendi’s followers, who were property owners and government employees. This time the majority revolted and disobeyed; and so they were all excommunicated.

Reference:- ‘A Lost History Of The Baha’i Faith’

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