The Beliefs and Allegations of Ruth White

Shua Ullah Questions Mohammed Ali Effendi

 Q. Mrs. Ruth White, a rebel member of the [Baha’i organization led by] the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States and Canada, in her published book entitled The Bahai Religion and Its Enemy, the Bahai Organization, emphatically denies the authenticity of the will of ‘Abdu’l-Baha Abbas, and with firm conviction states that your Excellency assisted Shoghi Effendi in fabricating the said will?

 Ans: Shoghi has never been in my presence, and I do not know him personally. Mrs. Ruth White’s accusations are untrue. It is in-deed surprising to observe that progressive Occidentals satisfied themselves with hearsay, and passed judgment without investigation.

Indeed the name of the said book is very appropriate, but I regret that I cannot agree to all it contains. I personally sympathize with Mrs. White in her allusions [i.e. regarding the danger of the Baha’i organization to the religion itself], but she should have exercised the law of investigation before passing judgment. No court of law, whether judicial or theological, would render judgment without a hearing.

Independent investigation of truth is one of the great Baha’i principles, but unfortunately it is not practiced.

Referance:- “A Lost History Of The Baha’i Faith”


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