Dispute Between The Baha’i Family

In the issue of May 23,1952, the daily newspaper El Youm published an article under the following heading: “The Ministry of Religious Af­fairs settles a dispute between the Baha’i Family.”

Some parts of this article:-

Following the death of Abbas Effendi, Shoghi Rabbani, who was then still young, claimed that he was holding a will from his grandfather on his mother’s side, as Abbas Effendi did not beget any male children. In accordance with this will, which is counter­feit, Shoghi Rabbani was nominated successor. The Baha’is subse­quently split among themselves: of them there were adherents of Mohammed Ali Effendi, the son of Baha’u’llah who was to be the legal successor to his brother in accordance with their father’s will, while Shoghi Rabbani had few supporters among his relatives.

           Mohammed Ali’s group were the true believers in Abbas Ef­fendi. In his time, remarkable advancement in the movement was made, because he carried on along the lines of his father’s teach­ings. Combined with his qualities, the most holy respect with which Easterners regard wills [means that] Abbas Effendi, whom they believed and trusted, could not possibly have entertained the idea of the non-fulfillment of his father’s will. It is therefore illog­ical that Abbas Effendi should have committed the blunder of ap­pointing his young grandson as his successor and set aside his experienced brother who bore great suffering and struggled hand- in-hand with him to advance the movement As a first step to safeguard himself against the Baha’i family, Shoghi Rabbani excommunicated the adherents of Mohammed Ali Effendi by introducing a reign of terror which deprived them. of their basic rights such as the right to pay their respects to their grandfather’s tomb [i.e. the Shrine of Baha’u’Uah]. He farther threatened his immediate followers and sympathizers, [ordering them] to discontinue any contact with the other group [i.e. the Unitarian Baha’is] and considered their presence in his [i.e. Baha’- u’llah’s] vicinity as disturbing to his divinity. He therefore dis­persed and banished them [from the Holy Land], thus causing a serious social and economic loss to his followers.

By now the reader would have realized how deep rooted lies the dispute between the Baha’is and how far it is from easy solu­tion, for how could a settlement be achieved when such settle­ment should begin by deposing the world Baha’i leader, as the newspaper called Shoghi Rabbani.


Shoghi Rabbani is not the grandson of El Baha nor is he the legal heir of the Baha’i movement; he does not represent the Baha’i family or sect—the men of the movement and the members of the Baha’i family are separated from him. In America there are thousands of followers of El Baha who hold dignified positions, own newspapers, publish books, maintain their teaching, and consider Shoghi Rabbani as a usurper, diverted from the policy originally laid down by the leaders of the movement.

By the time when Kamar Bahai was writing this letter, Shoghi Rabbani had expelled from the Baha’i community all descendants of Baha’u’llah who were still living, except himself.

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