Behai Quarterly Volume 2 No. 1

O, my servants!

Settle your differences peacefully, and hearken to what ye were admonished by the Supreme Pen, and follow not the extremely  wicked.

Let not the world beguile you as it beguiled the people of yore.

Obey the ordinances of God and His Laws, then tread This Path which was established by God of Truth.

Those who cast aside oppression and ruthlessness, and hold fast to Piety, are regarded of the highest on the part of God, and they would be extolled by the Supreme concourse and the dwellers of this Station, which by the Name of God was sublime.

Beha U’llah.

From the book of Ackdas

Download the full original copy from the link below.

Behai Quarterly Vol 2 No. 1

One thought on “Behai Quarterly Volume 2 No. 1

  1. I must express my profound gratitude for this contribution to the world archival corpus, as I was beginning to think that complete aggregate collections of these early texts would be forever lost to the foot of dogmatic suppression. They thought that they had gotten away with what they had plundered – that justice can become obsolete over time; they did not realize that justice is never vanquished in the end. They wade with the waders in the mire of ignorance.

    Every lowborn oathmonger hath fallen under the triumphal pursuit of the truth; there is nothing now left but willful ascension to the universal gnosis of a free and peaceful coëxistence, and the revolution starts at home.

    Go forth – victory is ours!


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